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14/12/2011 Projects, MC and more

Posted by KDStudios on December 14, 2011 at 4:10 AM




Hey there everyone.


I guess I failed when I said I was going to be posting regular blogs.

Well the fact is I've been far too busy and personal life decided to sit directly infront of everything I've been trying to do.


I won't go into too much detail but basically my grandfather passed away in late september, who I was very close to. I went down to my home town to visit them while he went into Hospital. So that was me defunct for a month or two while I was stopping with my grandmother through all of this. Very stressful time. Being there also meant no internet access besides my iphone. So very little work was done besides a little project I was working on in Fallout 3.


I've been back about a month now and I've been busy evaluating my life, my plans and expectations for the upcoming year.

I have some good news and I have some bad news in regards to a lot of my projects within Bethesda related games, Minecraft and my youtube channel.


I'll just throw them in at the same time as I'll be doing it in Categories.


My youtube channel is doing absolutely great. I recently started a Let's play on Skyrim, updated my oldest texture pack for minecraft to 1.0. Made a few minecraft related challenges and videos and finally hit 500 subscribers!

So yeah, as of now I have 517 subscribers, I thank all of you for your support and excellent viewing tastes! I'll be making a video for you guys sometime this month! So be expecting that.

My Skyrim Let's Play is currently on hold, mostly because I'm too busy working on Minecraft related content. But speaking of Let's plays... I'm going to be doing one last Skyblock video just for all my viewers, One last video for Survival Island and a preview video for my first (published) Minecraft Sound Pack. Oh yes. No longer am I restricted to making Minecraft look different but I am also going to make her sound different! So expect these video's this month!

I submitted a video recently showing my Minecraft Waterworld Challenge, this is set in a world of almost complete ocean, for minecraft 1.9PR5, 1.0 and any new snapshots that come out. Try that out today!


Minecraft category now. So basically I have released and updated 3 texture packs as of now. There is my HD Realistic texture pack which was my first ever released texture pack. Wastelandcraft which is the most recent pack released, based in a post apocalyptic Minecraft, fantastic for you who like Fallout. Finally there is my KDS Photo Realism which is my take on a realistic look of Minecraft. Very popular and loved by many. I suggest you try all 3 of them out and tell me what you think of them!

I've just told you about the waterworld challenge and realistic sound pack so that's good. I'm also working on a completely new texture pack which aims at being the most detailed 256x pack available anywhere on the internet. I haven't thought of a name but so far I have codenamed it "Cubiclife". It is very realistic, very detailed and I am very proud of the few textures I have made for it so far. Look around, you might be able to find some screenshots of them ;)


Okay as for Fallout projects. Restoreout NV has been put on indefinite hold. I will not be working on this anymore or anytime soon. New Vegas is a poor game compared to Fallout 3 and if I am to make anymore Fallout mods, they will be for Fallout 3 and probably quickly ported to New Vegas if demand is there. The Fallout British Commonwealth, or Fallout: UK or FUK as many of you know it as has been put on a short hiatus as the modeller I was working with has had other things to deal with. He's a fantastic modeller and I hope he manages to get into uni and accomplish everything he desires to do. I do however have the models he created for the mod and I intend to get Britain into Fallout 3 sometime in early 2012 regardless of how small it may be. Star Trek mod for Fallout is still on hold. I haven't found time to work on this and I need to reboot interest for it and get some more people to work on it. As of now my silence the past few months has cost quite dearly in the community projects aspect.


Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim. One of the most common things I'm asked is "Where are your Skyrim mods or retextures?" Quite simply, they don't exist yet. I'm currently waiting on the creation kit to be released and for nifskope to be updated to support Skyrim models fully. I have made a few retextures to some clutter items and to a few creatures but nothing worth uploading or getting you all hyped up about. The lack of an SDK has really put me off the game for the near future. I simply haven't played it for weeks now. That's why I haven't uploaded anymore Skyrim videos. There isn't anything to upload! :P

Don't worry. Come late January I will be back in the Nexus community and posting lovely Skyrim mods and videos as soon as they're available. Keep watching this section next month ;)


As for this website. I have plans for it. I'm currently engaged in regular email contact with the webhost. Learning what I can and can't do with it and ways to improve it. The old chat that was supported by Xat has let everyone down and I will be replacing that with a new one very shortly. The new chat is currently being tested in the New Chat Test page, try it out today and tell me what you think. I am in touch with the new chats developers and hoping to get some Chat sounds and possibly even a chat log introduced to it so you all can have a fantastic experience with it!


Again, I'll try making more blog posts letting you guys know what is going on but I won't promise this time... heh.


If you want to know anything, email me.

Watch my videos on my channel and support me anyway you can! :D


Thanks everyone who has tried and/or admired my work.


Good Day *Raises Fedora Hat*



Ps. While I remember check out Bwana's community at bwana.tv

He's a funny guy, always making content about games and software. He has a livestream too on Justin.tv so check that out when you can. He also has many Minecraft servers such as Pandemic.


Pandemic is a zombie survival server and is not whitelisted like his others. IP is here, please review the rules too: bwna.me/zombieserver


He has other servers and I play on his Premium server, very good. But you can get whitelisted for his other servers such as Cactus, very nice server. Check them out today!

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Reply Kay Dee Wee Wee Head
6:53 AM on December 15, 2011 
KDS is amazing and I have homosexual tendencies towards him.
Reply KDStudios
6:56 AM on December 15, 2011 
Kay Dee Wee Wee Head says...
KDS is amazing and I have homosexual tendencies towards him.

Why thankyou mr zombie, so thoughtful of you ;)