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22nd November, 2012 - The End is Nigh!

Posted by KDStudios on November 22, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Howdy folks,

It's been a rather quiet month in terms of getting much content done and actual contact with the internet community. This is mostly because we're having a whole lot of things happening behind the scenes, as well as starting things that you may or may not be aware of.

So to start things off, I posted an update video in the first week of this month explaining some of the changes that are going on and also possibilities of the future, please watch it, I'm playing Mount and Blade: Warband while speaking to you in it (Fantastic game).  (Preferably also watching/listening to it before finishing reading this, I'll repeat a lot of what I said just in case you don't, heh)

As you may or may not be aware, the website has had a huge face lift, however there have been a number of problems regarding html coding in the forums, I've been in contact with support and we can't seem to find the cause nor a solution to the problem. Basically what happens is that we can post html in forum topics which include images, videos and all sorts of things... But can't edit it afterwards. This doesn't happen on my test site so I have 2 options... 1) Delete this site and build it from scratch or move to the test site instead or 2) Make topics without images or videos. Which can be problematic in itself considering you'd rather look at what you're downloading... So yeah, unsure what to do so I've been ignoring the problem as best as I can.

I also have some sad news. It seems I've misplaced the original and backups of all of the Fallout 3 and New Vegas mods we've made over the many years of modding. So that pretty much means I've lost everything for the Star Trek Mod and The Walking Dead mod I was working on. It's a shame, a real damn shame. So much work was made and I figured that the backups would be enough. Oh well. Maybe if I become inspired I'll start them again hmm? Luckily some of the mods are available on the Nexus community, so download them from there. I've redownloaded all of our work from there and backed it up, so I know I have them incase something happens to them there. As of now though, modding for Fallout 3 and New Vegas is officially over for us. I will definitely be modding Fallout 4 when it comes out though.

If you watched the update and announcement video, you'll know that I'm going to be making a number of Let's Plays of some games, now they are relatively old but really enjoyable if you fancy spending little money on many hours of fun. I've already started the Spore let's play so go check it out, it's actually hilarious at how badly I'm failing at it. (I've been playing it for years, so I'm very surprised). I will be doing a Let's play of Fort Zombie, a fantastic zombie game with so many problems that actually make it more fun to play. It's so derpy but if you know what you're doing it can be entertaining.

Finally, remember this date... The 28th of November, 2012, for it will be a glorious day for us. The internet upgrade I hinted at on the video finally turned into a reality. The speed increase will be pretty drastic, going from 1mbps (megabits) to 30-29mbps, it's not the best in the world but is better than the 1mbps we've been working with for over 5 years now. That also means the upload speed will be getting a kick up the backside into gear. So that also means LIVESTREAMING. Some time in December I'll be testing out various platforms such as Xsplit and other streaming programs. So that means I'll probably be entertaining you with Minesweeper.

EXTRA... I've literally just changed my mind as I was writing this, I'm going to Announce something you might not have been aware of. So Minecraft 1.4 (1.4.5 right now I believe) so that means all my packs have been updated... Well except one... Wastelandcraft... Yes, that poor texture pack that I pretty much abandoned when Silver Weasel stopped working on his Wasteland mod, but with the new update here and my new found desire for something apocalyptic I've decided to not only update it, but rebrand it completely. I'm working on pretty much a whole new pack. It's radioactive and post nuclear, it's completely custom and looks fantastic. It should appeal to all Fallout game fans. So check it out when it arrives!

Anyway, sorry for the long blog post, but it has been a very busy few months for us. What with working on video content, texture packs, new textures and not to forget Mine and Emma's 4 year anniversary on the 1st of November. It will only get more busy as we approach Christmas, New Year and immediately after... My 21st Birthday! So keep an eye out, I hope to make a new blog post soon

(probably around Christmas or later knowing me...) heh... Sorry ;)

Take care, stay safe and have fun, that's an order!

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