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29/05/2011 A New Project

Posted by KDStudios on May 28, 2011 at 11:04 PM


Hey again guys, sorry I haven't been as active on the site.

Things have been going to so fast I've had barely any time to think!

Quite literally it seems.

However I have been in the chat very often, talking to people whenever possible, which is quite comforting.


Since my return to the nexus I've been neck deep in Fallout related files, it's also unfortunate because I have no time to put into my Minecraft texture packs that I promised that I'd update.


So as I've been neglected them I'll put there status' first:

- Futuristic Texture Pack needs a LOT of work doing to it.

The original author CheapShot doesn't seem to have been serious when he told me that he was going to update it. So it's been left to me to update it after all. This is a major drawback as I could have updated it all that time ago when I was free.

- My flagship texture pack for minecraft, Realistic Texture Pack WILL be updated for 1.6, this I promise. She's my baby and I feel foul for abandoning her in the recent weeks. She will be updated though so people can stop begging me to do it, I'll do it as soon as I possibly can.


As for my mods, all of my most important mods for Fallout 3 and New Vegas are now available for download at thenexusforums.com.

To find them you only need search for "KDS" and it will find all of my mods. For easy findings just for you :)


Now that them subjects are under the carpet.

It's time to officially announce my new project and what most of my time and resources will be going into!


The Star Trek mod Project!


Now you may have read this in my previous blog but back then it was just an idea with a few resources and not a lot of backing.

Now however, it has become a reality.

We have a team working on this right now as we speak.

People are donating their time and expert knowledge into this mod with what can only be described as "Passionate"

Well known mod authors are lending whatever they possibly can, with such backing I am determined to make this mod reach the public in no time.

I am however going to give NO ETA on the possibility of an open alpha test. Naturally it will happen eventually though.

If you wish to keep track of the progress of this mod, add suggestions or to offer help then please visit our official Star Trek Mod forum page

Here: http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/387243-official-star-trek-mod/

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