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9th December, 2012 What? Blog already?!

Posted by KDStudios on December 8, 2012 at 10:50 PM



Howdy all,


Yes, a blog post LESS than a month since the last one? I must be losing my touch... ;)


I'm mostly writing this blog post to update everyone on what will be happening before the New Year. I will be making another blog post closer to the New Year detailing my plans for the coming year of 2013.


Let us get started shall we? I'll start with the latest news since my last blog post and end with the more recent stuff.

So as you should be aware, the 28th of November was going to be a "glorious" day. It was more than glorious, it was perfect. I expected 29-30mbps and ended up getting a whopping 37-40mbps which is absolutely fantastic. The upload speed also grew rather significantly to 8-9mbps. Which MEANS I can now livestream and have been livestreaming for over a week now. It's great and you should check it out sometime at: Twitch.tv/KDStudios.


Speaking of Livestream, I've been livestreaming a lot of a game called Don't Starve and I'm currently doing a giveaway of it. I'm giving you the chance to win a Steam Key for the game so that you too can play it. All you need to do is subscribe and comment on THIS video. You have to do both or I simply won't count you heh. The ending date is the 12th of December, about 12pm GMT (UK Time).


Also I have some excellent news. I was rummaging around on an old computer after recording some Spore Let's Play, I came across a rather large folder (12GB) and was curious as to what was in it... I found something that made me excited! (No! It's not my missing porn collection, I have yet to find that... ;) haha!)

I found ALL of my Fallout content, every single mod and project I've worked on was in there. Even my recent stuff. I'm very happy to have found it and now I can post them all here on the site (and probably the nexus too)


Also, regarding this website. I'm going to be working on the site for a few days, making it much better than what it used to be. Now that the chat function has passed it's test I hope we will be able to utilise it soon enough. I'll even start working on a page where you can download my Minecraft texture packs.

The forums will be mostly abandoned for now due to a glitch with the system which prevents any use of HTML in forum posts.

I'm also going to attempt to make a page for all my youtube videos, so you can watch them there too and easily access the playlists.

(This is partly because of the confusion people have with the new youtube layout)

(Ps. Give us back our subscriptions on the homepage! kthxbai)


Anyway I tried keeping this as brief as I can be. (I always seem to fail)

But thanks for reading and remember I love each and every one of you.

You're Awesome. Yes! You!


Take Care all.


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