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     I have to say overall that I am quite pleased with the mods you've offered for RogueHallow's Iron Sights mod. I completely and utterly adore the M92E Samurai Edge by HeroinZero, it's probably my favorite gun mod ever. Zealotlee's ACR is very well done, although the crosshair on the foresight is just a hair off from the crosshair. Not enough to truly affect the gameplay, but it's one of those aesthetic things that kinda bugs me occasionally. The MK48 LMG mod is great, although it's slightly overpowered (not your fault, I know). All I can say for that is, don't use it w/ Wasteland Mastery (1.7k dps -.-'). The sight on that is also just a hair off from the crosshair, but even less than the ACR and completely acceptable.


     Haven't used the Laser Assault Rifle that much, I'm more of a lead and cordite person than I am energy and plasma. What I have found of it, though, is excellent for it's purpose.


     Looking forward to seeing what you put out next.


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Yea, I'm digging the M4.  Finish it.  :D

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Thanks :D

and @Entreri...

No =P... I will one day though... one day... sometime... in ... 2011? :P


I endorse this post.

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2011?  Bah!

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