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Ok, was happy to see the mp5 for IS mod you just released, but I've got a much bigger mod idea now.


Just started using FWE, and I wanted to know if you could make the weapons IS compatible. Also, could you do the various weapons from WMK to be IS compatible?


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Hey there, sorry we aint been too active here lately. So I took the liberty to quickly get Zealotlee's MP5 working with IS.


Now FWE, that is one massive undertaking. But we'll look into it (Currently Downloading Now).

Depending how well done the meshes are and if they decide to do what I want them to, this shouldn't be TOO much of a problem. But with Fallout 3 being crashy as hell and a few of the team on holiday progress will be a bit slow.


Thanks for your time.


I endorse this post.

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