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Welcome to our Fallout 3 Mods Thread.

Everyone's mods are welcome to this site.


To upload a mod, simply create a topic and be sure to add the required information:

- Title

- Description (What the mod does)

- Screenshots (of the mod in play)

- Download link


Please keep it in that order so it keeps everyone's mods looking tidy.


To add a screenshot simply click the Insert Image button and provide the url to the image.

I use ImageShack... You may use anything you want to add the image.


To add a download link simply Type Download, highlight it and click Insert Link and provide the url to the download.

I use Megaupload and Mediafire... You may use anything you want to add the download link.


Remember this is a page to ADD your mods for Fallout 3, not discuss about the game, if you have any questions that are NOT related to that specific mod then please use the discussion area in the forums.

Have a good day


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