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Welcome good citizen to Vault Tecs Vault 77.

Inside you will find enough food to feed many for hundreds of years, with many recreational things to do to put your mind off the world ending outside.

Explore around, make friends and best of all... live your life. Knowing you'll be safe is our top priority.

We exist to keep your family safe.

Trust Us.


Based on the popular web comic, Vault 77 has mysteriously reopened. The Puppet master, Mr Pinch and some friends he picked up on his travels are now available to be visited.


To find the vault... you must find the package located in Megaton near the Entrance...


Video of mod (Spoiler Alert)





70 years after the events that took place when he left the vault. The frail old un-named Puppet Master has travelled the wastes of New York, Las Vegas, one brief trip to England and back to Washington DC...Following him a few companions he met on the way and of course his Mr. Pinch, somewhere in the outskirts of Germantown the Puppet Master found a little boy hiding behind some rocks and had no memory of meeting other humans, the Puppet Master wanted the boy to join him but the puppet and others were wary, but soon enough the boy had learned the ways of the Puppet Master. To teach the boy the ways of the puppet, he had locked the boy in a room at the back of the vault for 1 year with a bunch of puppets. When he had learned to communicate with the puppets the master would release the boy and he would be then know as the Puppet Apprentice. Although soon after the initiation he passed away, the "Puppet Apprentice" took up the title of PUPPET MASTER. This initiation has been passed on from generation to generation to carry on the legacy of the master. No one has seen the Puppet Master and lived to tell the tale, except for the legend that follows him and his former masters. Word has it he has returned to the rusted old vault the former Puppet Masters were initiated... Has he returned to make a successor? Do you think you can find it and finally put an end to the terror of the Master and his puppets? The safety of the people of Washington DC depend on you.




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