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The following are REQUIRED to use this mod:

What this mod is:
This mod simply enables the beautiful G36c to work with Ironsights ingame. Nothing more, nothing less.
I also added a grenade launcher variant for those who'd like it. If you don't want it... Just sell it or drop or whatever.

The weapon is located in the same spot it's found in Soullance and I also added a locker with both weapons in for you in Megaton (See image).

To install:
Simply open the file and extract the contents to your Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder :)

To uninstall:
Delete the esp, simple.
For a thorough deletion check the file you downloaded to see which files were added so you can search for and delete the other specific files.

Soulance for his G36c Mod, made with permission.



I endorse this post.

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Good day to you all *Raises Fedora Hat*

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