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The following are REQUIRED to use this mod:


What this mod is:
After I finished Mothership Zeta I felt like a race as powerful as those aliens must have left their mark on the wasteland... Now they have!

The cloning sequence of Mothership Zeta meant far too many dangerous Abominations were created, so as a way of removing them they made a mini experiment. What would happen if they set loose a few upon the capital wasteland? The experiment went out of control and now Abominations are integrated with almost all Feral Ghoul groups. Enclave and Brotherhood scientists alike have tried to figure out why the Abominations are "friends" with Feral Ghouls and it would seem that the DNA used to replicate the Abominations came from People from before the war. Most Feral Ghouls are from before the war and may appear like "Family" to the Abominations after they were discarded by their former masters. Beware! These guys are dangerous in packs.

There are two files, one adds the abominations to your game, the other adds them to your game if you're using MMM :)

To install:

Just extract the file to your Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder

To uninstall:

Delete the esp, simple.

For a thorough deletion check the file you downloaded to see which files were added so you can search for and delete the other specific files.


All go to Bethesda and myself.



Download - If you have MMM



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