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The following are REQUIRED to use this mod:


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What this mod is:

Near the town of Arefu, lived a peaceful town called Anchor Valley, it had everything: Safe environment, jobs, beds, everything a settler could wish for to make a life in the harsh wasteland. Due to its proximity to Arefu and Megaton, it would be under its protection. However reports have come in about a flood that has engulfed the town many months ago. Someone should go check it out.



  • A few homes with beds
  • Lootable locations
  • Many Holodisks explaining the situation of those who survived the initial flood.
  • Quest to find out what happened to the town (Very short atm, working on it to be longer)
  • New setting for a town. All homes are inhabitable... kind of =)
  • Lively looking drowned town
  • Sewer
  • Lookout

To install:
Simply open the file and extract the contents to your Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder

To uninstall:
Delete the esp, simple.
For a thorough deletion check the file you downloaded to see which files were added so you can search for and delete the other specific files.

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