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The following are REQUIRED for this mod:


  • Archive Invalidation Invalidated! - Easily activated with FOMM
  • Breezes Fo3 Males (I think it may be required, I can't remember, please check. I lasted worked on this in 2010)

What this is:
Inspired largely by the movie and how amazing his CGI is, I decided to add him to the world that was destroyed anyway regardless of the movies ending =)


******To Play as the Doctor Manhattan open the console and type "showracemenu", Change eyes to his eyes and his hair to Bald******


His suit, beam and fist of power are located in a cabinet in Megaton, there is also a "Manhattan Ball" that is unfinished and doesn't work

Note: This mod is discontinued indefinitely, if you wish to continue or finish it then be my guest. If I get enough requests I'll finish this off myself but for the moment I have no desire to.




I endorse this post.

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Good day to you all *Raises Fedora Hat*

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