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The following are REQUIRED to use this mod:


What this is:
Somehow the trogs have managed to escape The Pitt through the train tunnels and have managed to interact itself into the Capital Wasteland. Due to their similarities the Trogs and Feral Ghouls have joined forces and fight together and make destruction wherever they go!
Includes: Trogs spawn with ghouls in most ghoul areas, some respawn some do not.

If you have Marts Mutant mod:
As you may now be aware the trogs have infested the Capital Wasteland, as well as being alongside normal feral ghouls they are now coming out at night with other ghouls and attacking you in the dead of night. Beware...
Includes: Trogs spawn with Night Ghouls in their usual random encounter.

To install:
Simply open the file and extract the contents to your Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder

To uninstall:
Delete the esp, simple.

Myself for making the mod
Martigen for making MMM




I endorse this post.

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