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Frog Demon
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These are simple codes that I am sure everyone already knows. All I did was add the console codes to text files, so they can easily be applied. Choose which one/s you want to use and place them in the New Vegas install folder, NOT the Data folder. When in game open up console and type in: bat brotherhood or whatever you have chosen and it will set you to idolized status.


I have also included a cheat to remove you from ALL faction, just in case you messed up some where and need to change up. Just place the "Remove" text file into the NV install folder and while in game type in console: bat remove You will then be removed from ALL factions.


Some of the names I have initialized:

Great Khans = GK

Good Springs = GS

Powder Gangers = PG

White Glove Society = WGS


I do NOT take credit for these codes. I only take credit for adding them to easy to use text files.

Due to the fact that the "Remove" code did not work for everyone, I have added in individual codes that should work. Just type in whichever faction you chose above and add RM at the end.

Say your vilified with the NCR and want to drop yourself to neutral, type in NCRRM. Hopefully the RM codes work. If not, let me know and I will try and find another work around:


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Great mod you've made there :D


I endorse this post.

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Good day to you all *Raises Fedora Hat*

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